Monday, December 7, 2009

7 December 1921 - "The Realm of the Unexpected"

On this day in 1921, the Athens Banner published a story from "the realm of the unexpected"--the University of Georgia registrar's office was offereing reimbursements of $2.60 to each student had paid a fee the previous year "to be used arranging temporary quarters for the dormitory overflow students."

The endeavor had created a surplus of $2,250.00, and the students had to come to the registrar's office to receive their checks. According to the Banner, "the line of students waiting to get in the registrar's office resembled that when a run is being made on a bank."

Living quarters on the campus were tight in the early 1920s. Men's dorms needed repair, and in 1918, the University be
gan enrolling female undergraduate students for the first time. Ground was broken for a female dormitory that year, but Soule Hall (named for Andrew M. Soule, then President of the Georgia College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts) was not completed until 1920.

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