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11 July 1902: "Woman Takes Shape Of Goat."

Strange Tale of Ghosts at the Cemetery.

People who live in the neighborhood of Oconee cemetery have been talking ofa strange phenomenon for the past few days, which is hardly credible, but still is the sole topic of conversation in the neighborhood.

The story is nothing more than a wierd [sic] tale of a ghost with some of the old time and worn accessories out out. [sic]

Several people who have had occasion to visit of late, places near the cemetery [sic] tell of a strange apparition which they say can be seen every night within the cemetery.

The figure rises out of the grave of a woman and, at first airy and phantom-like, at last takes the shape of a goat, with long horns and cloven feet. The transition from the mazy [sic] figure to the well defined outlines of the goat occupies several minutes of time, but as soon as the figure is well defined, it speeds to the banks of the Oconee nearby and plunges headlong into the current and is seen no more.

Several young gentlemen with a desire for the curious and mystical, and in order to display their courage in defiance of the wishes of their friends went to the cemetery two nights ago and sought admission to the cemetery in order to interview the phenomenon but the sexton was inexorable and would not let them in, and the mystery in regard to the woman and the goat is still unsolved.

Published by the Weekly Banner, 11 July 1902, page 1.

As there were no following reports of sightings of the apparition, Oconee Hill Cemetery is believed to be free of ghostly goat women to this very day.

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