Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 February 1892: 80-Year-Old Man Never Takes Medicine

On this day in 1892, the Weekly Banner took note of a longtime citizen of Athens:

Sadly, Mr. Culp would die in October of 1892, after having "been sick for some time." In his obituary, he was hailed as "an honest man in the highest acceptation of that term, despising all shams or deceits." He left behind his wife of 57 years, Martha, three daughters, and two sons.

Mr. Culp moved to Athens in 1860, and served in the Lipscomb Volunteers, part of Athens home defense during the Civil War. He was an active member of East Athens Baptist Church for 45 years, and served as Warden for the first ward in 1870. 

His son Benjamin F. Culp served with Troops Artillery and Cobb's Legion during the war, and was first appointed to the police force in 1875,  becoming the city's Chief of Police in 1896. 

The Culp family is buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery.

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