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14 January 1903: The Athens Chamber of Commerce Is Organized

On this day in 1903, the initial members of the newly created Athens Chamber of Commerce elected their first officers and formally established the organization and committees. 

The officers were L. F. Edwards, President; W. F. Bryan 1st Vice President; M. G. Michael, 2nd Vice President; T. W. Reed, Secretary; and C. H. Phinizy, treasurer.

Earlier in the month, the Weekly Banner published this list of charter members of the Athens Chamber of Commerce:

Abbott, S. K.
Abney Brothers Co.
Anderson, J. T.
Arnold Grocery Co.
Arnold, John L.
Ash, W. C.
Athens Banner, The
Athens Gas Co.
Athens Hardware Co., The
Boley, Sidney
Bondurant, E. J.
Brandt, R.
Brooks, A. L.
Bryan, W. T.
Burnett, W. B.
Carithers, J. Y.
Collett & Ingle
Conway, H. C.
Cooper, J. C.
Darwin, John A.
Davison, A. H.
Dearing, A. P.
Dornblass, J.
Dorsey & Funkenstein
Dorsey, E. H.
Dorsey, J. H .
Dozier & Co.
DuBose, R. Toombs
Edwards, L. F.
Eppes-Wilkins Co.
Flanigen, C. D.
Fleming, T. & Sons
Fleming, W.
Globe Racket Store
Green, T. F.
Griffeth Implement Co.
Griffeth, J. H.
Griffith, A. E.
Griffith, C. B.
Haselton, D. P.
Head & McMahan
Hodgson Cotton Co.
Hodgson, A. H.
Hodgson, C. N.
Holder, Jr., B. F.
Hulme & Co., Geo.
Humphrey, J. E.
Hunnicutt, J. A.
Johnson, M. C.
Joseph, Max
Kenney, D. M.
King & Co., J. S.
Klein & Martin
Lipscomb, F. A.
Mallory, W. A.
McCurdy, J. M.
McGregor, D. W.
McMahan, J. C. C.
McNeely, W. A.
McWhorter, Hamilton
Michael Bros.
Miller, D. F.
Morton, I. P.
Morton, John White
Moss, R. L., Jr.
Motes, C. W.
Nicholson, G. R.
Nicholson, M. G.
O’Neal, W. B.
Orr Drug Co., The
Palmer, H. R. & Sons
Peeples, W. J.
Petrie, C. B.
Philpot, S. T.
Phinizy, Billups,
Pitner, J. A.
Quillian, D. D.
Reed, T. W.
Rhodes, Alex
Rhodes, J. F.
Shackleford, T. J.
Sizer, R. W.
Skalowski, M. H.
Sledge, E. D.
Smith, E. I.
Stern, Chas. & Co.
Strickland, J. J.
Talmadge Bros. & Co.
Talmadge Hardware Co.
Thomas, W. W.
Tuck, H. C.
Turner & Hodgson
Vincent, T. P.
Vonderau, W. P.
Webb & Crawford
Wilkins, J. J.
Williamson, G. H.
Willis, E. F.
Wingfield, W. C.

Mayor J. F. Rhodes was chairman of the committee to draft a constitution and by-laws for the organization, and after his presentation, both passed with "a few minor amendments." 

The meeting schedule would be on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, with quarterly items on the agenda in January, April, July, and October, and their annual meeting in January. 

A total of 17 committees were being formed, covering Agriculture, Education, New Enterprises, Express Service and Railroad Transportation, Advertising and Publicity, Postal and Telegraph Service, and one covering Streets, Roads, and Parks.

The Board of Directors would be the officers and the chairmen from the Arbitration, Finance, and Manufacturers committees. Once committees were organized, they would "take up several matters of importance to the city and discuss and act upon them."

Stated the Weekly Banner, "It is the universal opinion that this new business organization will do much toward advancing the interests of the city."

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