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16 August 1907: Altioria Society Announces Year of Programs

On this day in 1907, one of two literary societies of the State Normal School, the Altioria Society, published their year of programs in the Athens Banner:

September 7.
Introductory talk on the English novel, by Miss Harrison.
Music by Altioria Orchestra and Chorus.
Altioria welcomes to new members.

September 21.
Subject: David Copperfield (Dickens).
Scenes from David Copperfield.
Music by Altioria Orchestra.

October 5.
Subject: Tale of Two Cities (Dickens).
Story by Miss Parrish.
Music by Altioria Orchestra.

October 19.
Subject: Pickwick Papers (Dickens).
The humor of Pickwick, by Mr. Earnest.
Dramatization of Pickwick Papers.
Music by Altioria Chorus and Orchestra.

November 2.
Subject: Dickens Evening.
Life and character of Charles Dickens.
Dickens's [sic] place in literature.
Dickens as an educational reformer, by Mr. Smith.
A Dickens procession.
Debate: Resolved, That Dickens is a cartcacturist [sic] rather than a great potrayer [sic] of character.
Music by Altioria Chorus.

November 16.
Subject: "The Talisman" [sic] (Scott).
Music by Altioria Orchestra.

December 7.
Subject: Ivanhoe (Scott).
Scenes from Ivanhoe.
Discussion of Richard Coeur de Lion.
Music by Altioria Chorus.

December 21.
Subject: Kenilworth (Scott).
Music by Altioria Orchesta.

January 4.
Subject: Lady of the Lake (Scott).
"Lady of the Lake" country, by Mr. Branson; illustrated by stereopticon views.
Music by Altioria Orchestra.

January 18.
Subject: Scott Evening.
Character sketch of Sir Walter Scott.
A Scottish social.
Debate: Resolved, That Scott's day is past.

February 1.
Subject: Mill on the Floss (Eliot).
Scene from Mill on the Floss.
Music by Altioria Orchestra.

February 15.
Subject: Romola (Eliot).
Story by Miss Parrish.
Music by ALtioria Orchestra.

March 7.
Subject: Silas Marner (Eliot).
Scenes from Silas Marner.
Music by Altioria Orchestra.

March 21.
Subject: Eliot Evening.
Eliot's life and literary standing.
Debate: Resolved, That George Eliot's ethics interfere with her stories.

April 4.
Subject: The Newcomes (Thackeray).
Story, told in parts.
Music by Altoria Orchestra.

April 18.
Subject: Vanity Fair (Thackeray).
Scenes from Vanity Fair.
Music by Altioria Orchestra.

May 2.
Subject: Henry Esmond (Thackeray).
Scenes from Henry Esmond.
Music by Altioria Chorus.

May 16.
Subject: Thackeray Evening.
Discussion of Thackeray's life and works.
Debat:[sic] Resolved, That Thakeray was a cynic.
Music by Altioria Orchestra.

The Alitoria Literary Society was started in 1906. They chose an owl as their symbol and "Excelsior" as their motto. Their club colors were blue and black. Part of each meeting included time for informal socializing over refreshments.

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