Friday, August 27, 2010

27 August 1889: "Athens A Health Resort."

A Wonderful Health Record of Our City during the Present Summer.

Athens is the most healthful city in Georgia.

That's what the resident physicians say, and the statement is verified by the health record of the pass year. [sic]

One physician tells us that he has never, during his twenty years of practice in Athens, seen such a healthful year as this has been, and has never heard of its equal in any city the size of Athens.

Another physician syays he has known of but three cases of fever in Athens during the past year and they were induced by natural causes rather than by any defect in the city's sanitary condition.

The fact is, that no city in the South has a better climate, a better natural dranage [sic], a more healthful environment every way [sic] than has Athens and there is no reason in the world why it should not be a wholesome city.

We congratulate the city on its thorough sanitary inspection and watchfulness, and rejoice in the splendid advantages of health with which nature has blessed out [sic] city.
Southern Watchman, 27 August 1889, p. 1.

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